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A person that is funny, but ugly
Chris Rock is a fungly mofo.
by Dee March 10, 2004
1. to get your mack on; 2.to get you fuck on
Keisha was boo-luvin' at the club last night.
by Dee November 11, 2003
(after blazin some weed).....man...i'm soooo ripped
by dee July 04, 2003
A term commonly used with great fury in reference to your sibling allowing the dog to escape for a few minutes. Although it may not seem fit, being labeled a chicken fucker is sufficient verbal punishment for letting the dog escape. It's even more delightful when you get called one by a 10 year old.
(horrific southern drawl)* "Jarrrred, you motherfucken chicken fucker!, you let the fucken dawg out and now I'm gonna tell mom that you and your friends raped me." "You two-bit chicken shit!"
by Dee July 14, 2004
noun: the female member, aka: the vagina
Her juicy was tight as shit.
by Dee November 11, 2003
awesomely gagful
my relationship is so vatoid
by Dee September 12, 2003
Awesomely gagful
My relationship is totally vatiod
by Dee September 12, 2003

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