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noun: a woman's erect nipple.
Liz, your diamonds are blinging.
by Dee November 11, 2003
sex organ, either male (penis) or female (vagina)
The catcher used a cup to protect his cracker.
by Dee November 21, 2003
anal sex
"got that ass trickin after one backshot"-lil kim, 50 cent 'magic stick'
by dee August 02, 2003
A city with too much ego for too little reason. Prone to comparing itself to New York ALL THE TIME, God only knows why. A city that claims to be very cultural but fails to fully support local artists and art scenes. A city that is too spread out, too ethnically divided, too good at hiding its poor, and too proud of it's famous el system to recognize that it is grossly inadequate compared to other cities (like NYC). A city of passive aggressiveness.
That woman with her hood on my rear bumper is acting like its my fault there traffic isn't moving. She acts like she's from Chicago.
by Dee February 19, 2005
In a club atmosphere, describes the amount of people at the event.
The club was on swol.
by Dee September 03, 2003

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