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extra stuff attached to what you are saying...
hey i went to get some chips and suchness at the store
by DEE June 03, 2003
Being Jealous; a hater; envious
Keisha: Hey Aiesha, your hair looks too through. Why did you get your hair like that anyway?

Aiesha: Aww Keisha, don't be J'ed. You can have your hair look like this also if you took the time to go the the Shop to get it done.
by Dee July 23, 2004
Sexy butcher from Oldham
I hope that Damo will stuff my turkey this Christmas
by Dee December 14, 2003
1. a cute baby that poops a lot
2. refering to ones significant other
1.ah look at that cute little poomyster
2. I miss my poomyster I haven't seen him/her all day.
by Dee December 28, 2004
A biter; a little kid thats a biter or a gay guy thats a biter.
Man, youre such a copycatter i wore that same pink shirt yesterday.
by Dee July 23, 2004
An expression to express annoyance. Could also express the way a person is mean.
Oh, googer.
by Dee May 05, 2004
to be cool, to be dry is to be uncool
Dee and Julie are wet, but Steph and Sarah are as dry as leaves in the fall.
by Dee December 27, 2004

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