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17 definitions by deX

A genuis - definately ahead of his time and with the ability to predict what life will become like - authoritarian via a police state, with mind control being present.

1984 is a testament to the thinking of the non supressed mind.
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
by deX January 24, 2005
377 50
Refers to the squatting position often done by Russians and other slavic people while loitering/waiting outside.
I saw a Russian in a slav squat while smoking a cigarette.
by dEX August 22, 2012
161 3
the drug of drugs. that which resembles god himself.
by dex January 30, 2003
111 76
A fashion style influenced by designers like Rick Owens featuring draped, layered, and top-heavy clothing in black and grey, robes, leather jackets, scarves, and military boots in strange or asymmetric cuts.
Go to stylezeitgeist.com to see some examples of gothninja.
by dEX October 10, 2012
19 4
A type of resentment for out of area/newbie surfers felt by "natives" of the area. May also be called Native-ism.
I went to go surf a ::insert beach that is not in your area:: but i was threatened and shunned becuase there's such high localism.
by DeX September 06, 2004
19 6
what the h in jesus h christ stands for
Jesus Harry Christ Dave FUCK OFF!!!
by dex January 31, 2005
17 14
Latin. From the root word "sarcasm" but with an extra "i".
You are a fucking idiot for correcting my spelling. You should go to hell and die. And then lick my nuts. NOSH.
by Dex July 31, 2004
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