Top Definition
Without Emotion
You really are Emotionless aren't you
by Coding March 27, 2003
Very Angry Teen from AL. One who is known as emotionless hates the world
Emotionless, are you really going to hit me with that hammer
by Coding March 27, 2003
What robot overlords do to you when they are about to own you, and your planet
Helpless human #1 "Did you see that? Those damn robot overlords went all Emotionless on yo"

Helpless human #2 "and how!"
by Dex September 26, 2004
The word used when someone needs to go on a picture. It's necessary to look emotionless or else one spoiled the photograph
Emotionless look; the photographer says a stupid word supposed to make one laugh. If done right one still looks emotionless
by Perenolde January 14, 2004
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