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what the h in jesus h christ stands for
Jesus Harry Christ Dave FUCK OFF!!!
by dex January 31, 2005
Latin. From the root word "sarcasm" but with an extra "i".
You are a fucking idiot for correcting my spelling. You should go to hell and die. And then lick my nuts. NOSH.
by Dex July 31, 2004
Its a superhero that "rescures". See defintion of rescure.
What is supertoast? Who is supertoast? Where is supertoast? Why is supertoast? How is supertoast? When is supertoast?
by Dex December 30, 2004
A sweet, kind, and completely out of the norm person. Has a tendancy to stalk shy and/or feral women.
Aww! You're so sweet! What a Divid.
by dex April 15, 2004
verb:Rescure means what supertoast would do.
iamawesome258: super toast!!!!!!!
iamawesome258: DUDADALALADALA!!!!!!
iamawesome258: and yes i meant rescure
by Dex December 30, 2004
boobs, tits
she was showing her punaners to everybody
by dex January 08, 2004
You can be only zealtodexous if you are Dex9001. You are not Dex9001.
Dex9001 is zealtodexous. I dont care about you. I am zealtodexous.
by Dex December 30, 2004
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