17 definitions by deX

closeted gay black male. possibly bisexual.
He's got a bitch, but he's on the down low with his homies.
by Dex December 16, 2003
The legendary chat on aim. You can go to it on "DS" on aim. You probally can not go in. You are not great. You are a bug. You can not go into DS. Dex9001X owns it. Trippin123987 is a faggot. I am not Dex9001X but I want to be him so mother fucking badly. DS>LUE
Want to go to DS chat. I am bored lets DS. Lets go to DS. I pwn you in DS.
by Dex December 30, 2004
Pills....Ecstacy or any drug in pill form speed or lsd
Get me some jubblies bruv
These jubblies are great
Im fucked on jubblies
by DeX April 10, 2003

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