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Sexiest alien ever. A six-limbed raptor bristling with scythes. Great for eviscerating marines, but sucks against fire and energy swords. A very popular creature from Starcraft.
Nydus to base + mass zerglings + full upgrades = cheapest. win. ever.
by Daz April 14, 2005
A movie bible to all young chavs on their future lives, violence and drugs. Follows the lifes of football hooligans covered in yes, you guessed it, Burberry and shit Parka's.

Film that has more swearing that a series of the Osbournes.
White Boy Jemal: "Hey Bruv! Did ya watch The Football Factory"

Dave: Yeah course, innit, bruv, its safe.

White Boy Jemal: Fuckin top notch weren't it

Dave: Fuck yeah bitch, I'll fuckin kick your head you muggy little cunt.

White Boy Jemal: Fuck that for a laugh.
by Daz January 24, 2005
The pungent miasma of cedar and mothballs that emanates within confined spaces such as elevators, bathrooms, buses, and taxi cabs after they have been previously occupied by old people.
I puked my Zellers Z-burger onto the floor because the place reeked of old people smell.
I had to let off a dutch hand grenade to clear the air of the old people smell.
by Daz March 08, 2005
This is something every human being should adopt. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different face, different arms, legs or whatever. Same goes for music. Personal opinion is what seperates people the most. And music is something every person enjoys, and everyone is different in this. So will people start, please, to accept that just because someone listens to different music to you, that they are automatically idiots or twats. My music taste is extensive. I listen to mostly Trance and Dance music, but I also like Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, R'n'B, and I even like classical sometimes. I like something of every genre, and I could walk up to anyone on the street, and say 'Hi, I like that' without it making me seem like a pussy or whatever. Because I can accept people have different tastes. All you gangsters, all you grungers, all you goths, All you ravers, you can all get along with each other if you break this barrier of music you all hide behind, and accept different people have different tastes.
Rapper: 'Hey goth, I hate you because you listen to shit music'

Goth: 'Screw you, my music has passion unlike your shite'

Me: 'You are both the same. You both have Personal Opinion in Music If you wore suits and no jewellery and make-up, you would ignore each other and get on with your lives.'

Rapper & Goth 'That man is sensible. I will shake your hand sir and bid you good day'
by Daz March 08, 2006
flap of skin dividing a womans pussy and her arse hole
jany likes me to cross the stinky bridge
by DAZ July 25, 2004
boobs that have hence since dropped unetrievably south...
'my god, that 85 yr old woman would be so fuckable if it wasn't for her 3 foot saggies'
by daz October 23, 2004
The art of hammering fadge
I got fadgehammered last night, i cant walk now
by daz December 18, 2004

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