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The day at the end of the working week where those involved bring fruit pastilles to work to help make the day enjoyable.
Hey man, bringing those pastilles for fruit pastilles friday tomorrow?
Yeah bro, the pastilles are on me!
by Daws February 28, 2009
When someone is totally and utterly made to feel shit by someone else.
Hey Kevin, you're just shit at everything.
Haha Kevin, you just got totally rubbished.
by Daws February 24, 2009
Flirting in a strong manner; Flirting with the opposite sex near other friends. Used to sound sinister and make the person feel guilty.
Stop bonerising Nicholas!

Hey nick, why don't you go bonerise with mitch?
by daws April 11, 2005
This is used to define an agreement between a service provider and a company.
SLA stands for Service Level Agreement
by Daws April 03, 2009
While giving a blowjob, the giver throws up on the penis and then licks up all the sick. How this could possibly be pleasurable I fail to understand.
While giving her partner a blowjob, Elma threw up over his cock and then licked it off.
by Daws April 22, 2004
This is a description of a gold farmer in the World of Warcraft. These are typically people from eastern regions such as Chinese or Koreans. It literally means happy farmer :)
Player1: I need to buy some gold.
Player2: Go to the keke Farmer's website then :)

Player1: Dude, this keke Farmer is stealing all my mobs with his hunter bot.
Player2: Report him to a GM and get his ass banned!
by Daws January 17, 2008
In encryption systems, very large prime numbers (200 digits long or more) are used to generate other prime numbers. When trying to decode encrypted data it is necessary to find the two original prime numbers.
I use factoring to generate my private encryption key.
by Daws April 26, 2004
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