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When someone gets so large that the word blimp is just not enough to describe their colossal size, the largest possible person.
Hey, look at that guy, he's SO huge, he's not just a blimp, he's a blimposaurus!
by Daws August 22, 2012
This is a combination of the words Aggressive and Tall, used to describe someone who is quite obviously neither of these attributes.
Man1: Hey there Mr AggroTall (he says looking down upon this short man)
Mr AggroTall: Hello there, would you like a backrub?
by Daws April 22, 2009
More commonly used to refer to an unpopular guy, especially one who thinks they're all that.
Alj said he was with a hottie the other day, but he was just making it up.
by Daws March 17, 2003
A name for someone, who is incredibly odd, and who acts in a strange manner. Ottre is usually substituted as their name. It can be abbreviated into Ott.
Hey, ottre just walked out of class again!!
by daws April 11, 2005

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