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(South African surfer's slang.)

("pippi" is a small penis; a "jorl" is a pleasurable excursion, outing or drive) Slightly pejorative, but not meanspirited.

A young teenager or pubescent thought to be juvenile or sexually inexperienced and hence somewhat insignificant. a "teeny-bopper".
Example 1: "Last night I tried to kry a doppie at the bar, but the place was full of pippi-jorlers!"

Translation: "Last night I tried to score an alcoholic drink at the bar, but the place was full of young irksome teeny-boppers."

Example 2: "Man, the beach was crammed with pippi-jorlers yesterday."

Translation: "Man, the beach was filled with very young annoying teenagers yesterday."
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by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
(South African surfer's English. Derived from Afrikaans.)

A "guy", a man, a fellow, a "dude".

Rhymes with "oak". Also seen as "ou".
Ag, nought, man, I don't smaak that ouk, ek se.

"Oh, no, man, I don't like that dude, I have to say."
#ouk #ou #south africa #afrikaans #surfing.
by david lincoln brooks November 12, 2010
A direct allusion to the 1950's American sitcom, I LOVE LUCY. In the show, the American protagonist (Lucille Ball) has a husband (Desi Arnaz) who is Cuban-born, and who occasionally makes some unintentionally humorous gaffes with English. One of these is his curious pronunciation of the word "explaining", which he always pronounces "'splainin'".
A frequent theme on the show was his discovering an entangled deception of his wife's, whereupon he'd intone sternly to her: "Lucy, I think you've got some 'splainin' to do."

Today people use the phrase both as a fond allusion to a cherished TV show, but as a way to imply that another person is at fault with something and needs to come clean.
Example 1. When the rock group successfully showed that their record company had not promoted their poorly-selling album sufficiently, the suits at the company had some serious 'spainin' to do.

Example 2. My Rolex, my computer and my car are all gone... and you've got a bad heroin problem? I'd say you have some 'splainin' to do!
#explain #explaining #lucy #tv #1950's #nostalgia #blame #guilt
by david lincoln brooks July 12, 2008
(Chiefly British) Perhaps alluding to soccer/football, this is the ribald motto, usually, of men who have been much drinking alcohol together... The resultant inebriation makes them extremely indiscriminate of the target for their ever-increasing horniness.
Rugby player #1: "Nigel, with one more Guinness down your neck, you're liable to go home with a tranvestite!"

Rugby Player #2: "Ay, mate, every hole's a goal, as they say. Cheers!"
#motto #football #rugby #sex #british #hole #vagina #anus #oral
by david lincoln brooks July 10, 2008
(pronounced "choon")

(South African surfer's English. Derivation unk.)

To tune somebody is to:

a). tell somebody something in no uncertain terms
b). to scold, upbraid or dress-down someone
c). to order someone about, direct them firmly.
Example 1: "Now that we're prefects we can tune all these lighties what to do."

Translation: "Now that we're prefects (upperclassmen), we can tell all these younger kids what to do."

Example 2: "At the braaivleis last night, I ran into this ouk who was totally pissed motherless. But I tuned him, ek se."

Translation: "At the barbecue last night, I ran into this guy who was extremely drunk. But I put that guy in his place very decisively, I tell you."
#south africa #surfer #order #direct #scold #upbraid
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
(South African slang. Used primarily in boys' school contexts.)

A high school underclassman; young boy or young teenager. Slightly pejorative, but not meanspirited.
Now that that ouk is a prefect, he can tune all the lighties.

Translation: Now that that guy is a school prefect (upperclassman) he can direct, scold and order about the younger boys (lower classman).

Yesterday we caught the rugby game... it was all the lighties playing.
#boy #underclassmen #high school #kid #pubescent #youngster
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
Passé. Outmoded. Shopworn. Stale. No longer fashionable or trendy.

Did you see the feathered hairdo on that girl? My God, that look is so over!

Yes, I used to love that TV show, but now I'm really over it.
#style #chicness #fashion #faux-pas #hip.
by david lincoln brooks March 24, 2006
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