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An afrikaans word meaning taste or crave. More commonly used as a slang word meaning to be attracted to or having feelings of desire for another person. To have a crush on someone or be horny.

Cyril: Yes like it Ethel, I smaak you with a passion hey!!
Ethel: Put that sausage away!! I got a headache tonight!

Koos: Boet, I smaak a lekker big steak now!!
Fanie: Ja, you always such a vraat!
by Serpent Tongue September 01, 2006
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Pronouced "shmaak" is a term for "like" in the afrikaans language, originally used mainly by people from the southern suburbs of Johannesburg.
I smaak your ass lank china!
by rachael242 January 27, 2006
(South African surfer's English. Derived from Afrikaans.)

To like or prefer someone or something. Rhymes with "smock". Literally means "to taste".
Ag, nought, man, I don't smaak that ouk, ek se.

"Oh, no, man, I don't like that dude, I have to say."
by david lincoln brooks November 12, 2010

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