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A restroom, toilet, or bog recently humbled by the emanations of an individual who has consumed too much of a very hot Indian curry.

Vindaloo: a very hot Indian curry made with meat or poultry, flavored with tamarind, vinegar, and garlic
Loo: toilet, crapper, bog, shit house
Vindaloo Loo
Stay out the vindaloo loo, Uncle Ronnie just ruint the bog.


Damn, uncle Ronnie, you didn't make another vindaloo loo did you.
by daverpdx April 30, 2007
The length of time it takes from the moment a definition is submitted to Urban Dictionary until it actually appears on the site.
Me: Damn man! I sent some really kick ass definitions to Urban Dictionary. How freakin long does it take for them to show up anyway?

You: For freakin ever.
by daverpdx April 25, 2007
Massive belly disruption.
Good God mate, I cou na down another pint. I got good and pissed las' night and me gut is vindalooed.

I invoke the name of the Saviour, my friend, for I am unable to consume another serving of malted beverage. The evening previous to this I consumed libations in copious amounts. My digestive system is yet massively disrupted.

Translation II: Shit bro, no more fuckin' beers. I got totally shit-faced last night and my guts are still all fucked up.
by daverpdx April 30, 2007
1. A particularly rambunctious and uncomfortable bowel movement. Normally exceptionally gaseous and a portent of diarrhea. The sensation that two or more monkeys are running around in your lower digestive tract and having a combination boxing match / political debate.

2. THe monkeys that live within the bowels of humans in the graphic novel "I Luv Halloween: Volume II"

Damn, man! I ate the at India Chaat House for lunch yesterday and the whole afternoon I was dealin' with the Chonklit Monkeys.
by daverpdx April 25, 2007
The lower fart creating portion of the human digestive system.
Damn, man. I ate too much Taco Bell and now my pooty parts is achin'


“They has eaten the poo pies and growed Chonklit Monkeys up in the pooty parts”
by daverpdx May 03, 2007
Stinky Hippie.

Generally used in the presence of a stinky hippie so that one can refer to him/her without his/her taking notice.
Whoa dude, HINKY STIPPIE alert, 12:00. Take evasive action.

Translation: Stop my friend, I have taken note of a stenchful individual of unkempt manner directly ahead of us. We must alter our course with great haste in order to avoid this person.
by daverpdx May 03, 2007
A combination of Dumb and Verbiage. Essentially stupid words that people invent and define solely so that they have the opportunity to enter them in Urban Dictionary. These words are pointless, define nothing and are usually just an excuse for kids to type words like Poop-shute-ma-goo so that thier friends can giggle at dirty words on the internet.

The kind of crap that has transformed Urban Dictionary from a potentially useful way to get slang definitions into a steaming pile.
Oh look, another stellar example of how dumbage has retardified Urban Dictionary. Who could have anticipated such a thing?!?!?

by daverpdx April 23, 2007

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