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The act of having made something that otherwise wasn't retarded before retarded
Don't upgrade to Mozilla FireFox 0.9.1: It retardified my computer.
by KyleJCrb July 04, 2004
What happens when someone says something so stupid or ridiculous that you instantly lose more than 80 IQ points and become instantly incapable of responding in an appropriate, intellectual way.
He told me that the reason he could not walk to work was because he bought new shoes, they were made upside down and didn't notice until he got them home and tried to put them on. I was instantly retardified.

The suspect said to me: "Officer, even though you think that's a picture of me on that license, it is not. That's not my car that I was driving, either. I am not sure what you pulled me over for, I was walking down the sidewalk. " I was instantly retardified.
by UpChuckyCharms June 17, 2013
Hav u ever came home with no pants on?, ran around a baseball field naked?, smashed holes in som poor girls ceiling?, kicked a pillow case for 1/2 a mile?, pretended u were a taxi in a 2door coupe?, rocked a yamicah nd read the torah?, or tried to rip down and a stall b/c ur friend wanted to take it home????....well then u my friend have been retardified. Being retardified is being in a state of mind of retarded.... you especially know your are retearditfied when ur boy spuds admitts to being boofed last weekend
I drank so much, im retardified
I smoked so much , im retardified
I snorted so much, im retardified
I enjected so much , im retardified
If u hav done any of the above, congradulate urself, u were once retardified
by billy and bob October 23, 2007
When you so tired you act high or retarded.
Me: Shit, we were so retardified last night.

Buddy: Shit.
by Duanerough August 12, 2009
A person that isn't a retard, but acts like it.
"Hey, just because your retardified, it doesn't mean you should do less work!"
by Sarah March 20, 2004
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