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The best City in Australia. Voted the 2nd most livible city in the world. Has the best tap water in Australia. Where the Formula 1 is every year aswell as the Australia Tennis Open.

Located in the south of Australia in the state of Victoria.
Has a population of about 3,500,000.
by Dave August 25, 2003
*Another term for a gorilla.

*A racist slur toward a black person (because of the physical similarities between black people and monkeys).

*A term referring to a person who lacks intelligence.
"Donkey Kong is an ape."

"Don't call a black person an ape please...."

"C'mon you dumb apes! We gotta get goin' before New York's Finest catches up!"
"What the hell're you waitin' for ya apes?! Kill him!"
by Dave May 19, 2004
a gay male now in a heterosexual relationship or marriage. Not the same as ex-gay, which is someone who seeks a religious conversion to abandon homosexuality.
After years of bad relationships with men, he finally found a woman he loved enough to want to marry.
by dave December 06, 2003

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