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A condition where a human's lips swell tremendously and they feel compelled to steal a VCR.

Derived from the american english terms "typical" and "nigger"
Just like every other stupid igonrant nigger out there, you get nigitis and now you're black and your life is over.
by Danyo March 08, 2005
an act or event that resembles the pride of fecal matter. usually used in a sarcastic term
that was scattastic
by Danyo February 19, 2003
to excrete fecal matter from an elevated position
my mud droppings were so large they made me stand up from the toilet
by Danyo February 19, 2003
to lay some hot juicy scat
i burned a hole in the ground with my steam loaf
by Danyo February 19, 2003
to eat something with a slavour similar to feces
that shit's scattalicious
by Danyo February 19, 2003
Very long and grotesque fecal matter that is of very high temperature
I laid steam loaf on his neck
by Danyo February 19, 2003
A dump stack is achieved by eating a meal that pushes out a lingering dump in your innards. The pressure on the existing dump caused by the ingestion of the meal gives the push needed to clear things out.
I ate that sandwich, dump stacked, and blasted a Hot Carl all over her.
by danyo March 25, 2005

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