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1. An unrepentantly preposterous, wrongheaded statement, often lengthy, obscure, poorly worded, badly spelled, ineptly punctuated, and simply unformatted, posted in an online forum.

2. A statement, perhaps otherwise intelligent but not necessarily so, containing the word "igonrant" as a pejorative, posted in an online forum.

3. A person who has posted or makes a habit of posting igonrants.

1. To engage in creating an igonrant (in the noun:1 or noun: 2 sense)

2. To engage in creating an igonrant (in the noun:3 sense)
Hey, check out this igonrant about how homosexuality is causing all of the earthquakes!

I hated W too, but this igonrant for bush makes all of us look bad.

Did you see the entry for nigitis? Whoever posted that is a real igonrant.

Hurry up man, we'll miss the Nazi rally!
Hold your horses, I have to finish igonranting about President Obama.

Hey, good looking, you drive a Humvee too? Let's head to my place and igonrant.
by GreatBigBore March 16, 2010
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