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62 definitions by dagger_grrl

to be unsure of or re-examining one's previously assumed sexual orientaion or gender identity.
dana started questioning her sexual attraction to men after she'd met and happily dated catherine.
by dagger_grrl March 15, 2004
abb. of androgynous. having characteristics of both masculine and feminine gender ideals (being some where in the middle or outside the male-female polarity model). andro can refer to clothes, appearence, attitude, style, or self-identification.
many pop musicians in the 70's and 80's cultivated an andro look, e.g. mick jagger, david bowie, annie lennox, prince, and boy george, to name a few.
by dagger_grrl September 12, 2003
a werewolf.

mental disturbance in which one believes he or she is capable of transformation into a wolf.

one who believes themselves to have the spirit of / spiritual kinship with an animal, usually a wolf.
some otherkin identify as lycanthrope.
by dagger_grrl May 08, 2004
slang expresion, presumably abb. form of "that's way ____". means cool, neat, ok, can also be used as a confirmative interjection as in:
"hey, i bought that new PC game today"
"i think my mom's boyfriend is beating her up..."
"you're not listening to me, are you?"
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003
denoting one who is emotionally or romantically drawn to both men and women, but who does not desire a sexual relationship with either.
some asexual people who experience attraction to both sexes may call themselves 'bisensual'.
by dagger_grrl August 29, 2004
a cute, whiney girl who uses her innate cuteness to manipulate and tease.
man, jackie's such a puppy.
by dagger_grrl February 13, 2004
the long running, brilliant, faithfully followed comic written and drawn by Alison Bechdel. chronicles everyday struggles with domesticity, monogamy, parenthood, dating, sex, friendship and politics from the perspective of a growing circle of lesbian, gay, queer and straight characters.
the DTWOF website has yet to create a character profile page......
by dagger_grrl February 16, 2004