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62 definitions by dagger_grrl


an aloof, eccentric, absurdly talented author and illustrator well known for his illustrated stories, many of which are unplaceably illboding or passively macabre, in tone or outright. his characters seemed to be placed in another time, from 1900 through 1930 perhaps, and there was something in his art and humor that caused many fans to initially mistake him for either English or dead. his style of drawing varied considerably from book to book, some illustations impossibly detailed and dark (The West Wing), others less so (The Eclectic Abecedarium). he lived in New York City for a while, and then on Cape Cod.
The Ghastlycrumb Tinies, an alphabet of dead children, may be his best known book.
by dagger_grrl June 02, 2004
prejudiced belief in the social/sexual/moral superiority of heterosexuals or heterosexual attraction over non-heterosexals or same-sex attraction.

one's actions or attitude as a reflection of such a prejudice.
justin took the brunt of his peers' heterosexism throughout high school.
by dagger_grrl February 20, 2004
one who is uninterested in sex or in sexual relationships.

one who appears to be neither male or female, or who is neither masculine nor feminine.
andy warhol has been descibed as sexless or asexual.
by dagger_grrl May 08, 2004
an interesting term, now little used, that can refer to angrogyny, gender neutrality, bisexual attraction, or cross-gender identification.
jamie picked up the word 'epicene' one day, and it just seemed to fit.
by dagger_grrl February 28, 2004
a very old irish oath with several spellings, a bastardization of "christ", i think. my grandmother says this a lot.
"crimminy, ralph, the phone is ringing! pick up the phone! no, i don't know where it is. well, where did you leave it? crimminy, why did you leave it out there? no, never mind, it's stopped ringing. dammit, it was probably betty. frank's probably died and we'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to find out about it, now won't we? oh, stop crying, ralph! crimminy!"
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003
originally meant to "co-parent". a term used in antiquity to detote two men who had taken an oath of friendship or blood-brotherood before the Church. later, such relationships and ceremonies were known as becoming "siblings before God", and still later compadre became synonymous with the role of godparents or baptismal sponsors.
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003
to actively express and work through one's grief through emotional and/or social outlets or cues.
forms of mourning include donning specific clothing, cutting one's hair, weeping, and attending religious services.
by dagger_grrl March 15, 2004