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a woman who does not want sex, is not sexual, or refuses to give sex.
damn! cassy's cute, but fridged as hell.
by dagger_grrl October 11, 2003
1) To be shut out in the cold by family, friends, significant other, etc.

2) To have sex with held.
3) Smacked with a fridge.
Damn, that bitch totally just fridged your ass!
by TJRIZZLE November 28, 2009
To get hit by a person so hard its like being hit like a fridge. Preferably when the person is cold, hard and heartless as a fridge is.
Yea man he got fridged and couldn't get up dawg
by Miamibeach April 28, 2011
means kool.
"That is So Fridged"
by Thenube23times November 19, 2012
A woman/girl who is scared of having sex
She was a fridge
by James March 10, 2003
A female, usually a Puerto Rican crack whore, who has gone threw so many men that her vagina has dried up like it were made of sandpaper.
Bryce: umm like he was my 20th...?
Miles: 20 times or 20 guys?
Bryce: guys
Miles: your Fridged

Bryce: just shove it in me.
Miles: I don't want to.
Bryce: Why not? please.
Miles: Maybe if you were not so Fucking Fridged.
by MilesDavis99 April 18, 2010
A girl that refuses to give it up and gives u blue balls all the time.
Damn that bitch is fridged.
by Aris Oglesby March 20, 2005