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a woman who does not want sex, is not sexual, or refuses to give sex.
damn! cassy's cute, but fridged as hell.
by dagger_grrl October 11, 2003
1) To be shut out in the cold by family, friends, significant other, etc.

2) To have sex with held.
3) Smacked with a fridge.
Damn, that bitch totally just fridged your ass!
by TJRIZZLE November 28, 2009
To get hit by a person so hard its like being hit like a fridge. Preferably when the person is cold, hard and heartless as a fridge is.
Yea man he got fridged and couldn't get up dawg
by Miamibeach April 28, 2011
A female, usually a Puerto Rican crack whore, who has gone threw so many men that her vagina has dried up like it were made of sandpaper.
Bryce: umm like he was my 20th...?
Miles: 20 times or 20 guys?
Bryce: guys
Miles: your Fridged

Bryce: just shove it in me.
Miles: I don't want to.
Bryce: Why not? please.
Miles: Maybe if you were not so Fucking Fridged.
by MilesDavis99 April 18, 2010
when you finally sit down and start enjoying your meal when you hear the fridge beep and realise you have to get up and close the door.
"Beep Beep"

Damien: "oh, sucked in William, you have just been totally FRIDGED!, now get up and close the door!"

William: "Oh No!, i've been fridged again!"
by William Rainbird September 06, 2007
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