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Slang pronunciation of "Throat". Derived from Carribbean patois (Jamaican).
"Yo guy, I'll cut your troat!"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
To beat down a person and/or persons. Does not necessarily entail actually kicking or stomping on someone with your feet.
"Yo this cat tried to grab my girl's ass right in front of me. Guess what I had to do, son? That's right...I had to stomp his bitch ass out in front of his peoples. Wooo! 'Coold blood-eeed!' (c) Rick James...bitch"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
Open air strip club. Specifically for truckers, australians and people from south texas. Free breakfast + beer before 7am with every lap dance.
I got a hot-carl and some pancakes at Kinky Ceara's Kiwi Kitchen last night.
by D-money October 01, 2004
Jamaican in origin. Means "copy cat", unoriginal, to imitate, to follow what you believe to be the latest trend.
Eng: "You're too damn follow fashion. Everything you see me do, you do it too."

Patois: "Look pon dis yah follow fashan bwoy a himitate fi mi style!"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
coolest school ever!! Were going Down the Line, Getting Wicked Cocked, we can go to Bonnet, smoke some Cloves, and just Party it Up like we do EVERYNIGHT!!!
If You Want To Have Fun, Come Here!
by D-Money December 08, 2004
Taking a big, fat, shit.
I'm gonna takea a Tonka dump after I eat.
by D-Money April 09, 2003
West Indian in origin, specifically Jamaican. To "done the place" means to erupt in a furious rage and destroy everything and everyone in site. See wilding out.
"Yaoh...somebody up in this piece stole my fu@king wallet. Don't make me have to wild the fu@k out and done the place!"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
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