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where the thighs go straight to the back, no ass at all
She was fine from the front, but when she walked by, I noticed that she had thack.
by Renae B June 01, 2006
The coolest dude with the first initial of T. And has the first 4 letters of their next name as 'Hack'. Usually someone who barely speaks, but, when (he, usually) does, it's almost always the right thing... or something hilarious.
>"T-Hack's kool"
>"He never talks..."
>" Exactly"
by PoMeGraNate95 January 01, 2011
Where a girl has a horrbile thick knotted pubes..
“I woke up feeling a clear case of thack attack as I rub my tongue along my teeth”
by JahJahRastafari June 18, 2009
1. A cross between thick and fat. 2. Something really cool.
1. His mohawk was really thack.

2. Man payday is really thack.
by Digidy Dawg November 03, 2011
adj. 1 Term to describe a girl who is beyond thick, well into the fat range.
1a But has so damn many endearing qualities that you would never say this word to her. (conditional)
2 An insult to a female who is fat and annoying, but mostly tries to come off as sexier than she is.
3 As used in court when your ass is soundly beat by said girl, in a descriptive way, as to relate to the events of your mauling, not court opinion. Which may be the same as 2.
1 <i>(while watching t.v.)</i> "hey she is kinda cute, kinda thick." <i>(reply)</i> "Nah, she aint thick, she's thack"
by Anon Mk 2000 April 14, 2009
v. to curl the middle finger under the thumb and release the finger with great force onto an unsuspecting target. Works well on victim's head or ear
"I thacked that foolio"
by D-money November 01, 2004
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