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where the thighs go straight to the back, no ass at all
She was fine from the front, but when she walked by, I noticed that she had thack.
by Renae B June 01, 2006
23 15
Where a girl has a horrbile thick knotted pubes..
“I woke up feeling a clear case of thack attack as I rub my tongue along my teeth”
by JahJahRastafari June 18, 2009
15 14
The coolest dude with the first initial of T. And has the first 4 letters of their next name as 'Hack'. Usually someone who barely speaks, but, when (he, usually) does, it's almost always the right thing... or something hilarious.
>"T-Hack's kool"
>"He never talks..."
>" Exactly"
by PoMeGraNate95 January 01, 2011
1 2
1. A cross between thick and fat. 2. Something really cool.
1. His mohawk was really thack.

2. Man payday is really thack.
by Digidy Dawg November 03, 2011
1 3
adj. 1 Term to describe a girl who is beyond thick, well into the fat range.
1a But has so damn many endearing qualities that you would never say this word to her. (conditional)
2 An insult to a female who is fat and annoying, but mostly tries to come off as sexier than she is.
3 As used in court when your ass is soundly beat by said girl, in a descriptive way, as to relate to the events of your mauling, not court opinion. Which may be the same as 2.
1 <i>(while watching t.v.)</i> "hey she is kinda cute, kinda thick." <i>(reply)</i> "Nah, she aint thick, she's thack"
by Anon Mk 2000 April 14, 2009
7 10
to be tweakin out on amphetimines or any other upper
that ice got the whole town thacked out
by yo you November 01, 2006
7 10
v. to curl the middle finger under the thumb and release the finger with great force onto an unsuspecting target. Works well on victim's head or ear
"I thacked that foolio"
by D-money November 01, 2004
7 14