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Woman whose morals and/or standards are at or below absolute zero. Will do just about anything with anyone or anything.
"Damn, that's the third different guy to spend the night at her place this week. She's not just a whore, she's a whoredog!
by cyclopath February 27, 2010
Gynecological examination during which the patient becomes aroused and/or experiences orgasm and/or attempts to initiate sexual activity with the examiner.
What was supposed to be a routine yearly exam turned into an all-out pornoscopy. Her doctor waived all charges and recommended she see him more frequently.
by cyclopath August 22, 2010
a doctor specializing in the care and treatment of European pricks. The majority of Eurology' patients are typically French.
The mere sight of Francois - or whatever the fuck his name is - pisses me off. I think he needs a Eurologist.
by cyclopath September 21, 2010
a doctor specializing in vision care for individuals with their head up their ass.
Dude! It's right there, plain English, in front of your face! You need to make an appointment to see your proctometrist.
by cyclopath September 21, 2010
(noun) competitive group incest, whereby points are awarded for engaging in sex acts with immediate family members. Rules are generally at the discretion of participants; infants and toddlers are usually considered "off-limits".
"While I am disappointed in the results of this year's Kintucky Derby, I am very proud of the effort my family team put forth - especially my sexy daughter! We'll get 'em next year!"
by cyclopath May 21, 2010
1. (n) a painful or otherwise uncomfortable bowel movement resulting in audible vocalization of lament or relief. 2. (v) to audibly vocalize lament or relief while performing a bowel movement.
"Wow bro, feel better? That was impressive but you got no shot at 'The Voice' with that a crapella solo..."
by cyclopath July 28, 2015
condition of the jaw and surrounding structures, causing pain and dysfunction in the muscles that control jaw movement, resulting from excessive indulgence in performing oral sex on men and/or other male species.
Doctor: "Not to worry Mrs. Johnson, the test results show that it's only Fellatiomandibular Joint Syndrome, not a fractured vertabra as you feared. I'll be delicate in my report so as not to alert Mr. Johnson of what a freak you are."
by cyclopath July 28, 2015

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