17 definitions by crustynraunchy

first, you take a massive crap on the floor beside the bed, and you have sex with your girl, as shes moaning and about to orgasm, you stop and pick up your shit and throw it at her, then cum on her leg giving you all the pleasure and her only the first half. then calmy put your clothes on and go play video games.
i would rather give her a poop surprise than to let her have a great time in bed
by crustynraunchy December 06, 2007
a group of girls at my school (any school) that are just horribly ugly and uninteresting to talk to, bad communication skills, there only hope is to get really rich and buy new skin.. and learn how to talk right...damn
keen hangs out with the ugly fucks
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
a freshman, or new person to a school who gets bullyed for the first few weeks, and doesnt have any street smart skills, it is common for juniors and seniors to ridicule these kids, and junior high students try to be cool and make fun of them for being a stupid freshman but there even more immature for not realizing there lower than low
i push stupid freshman into lockers almost daily
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
first, you buy a snake, then you hide it between your asscheeks and you fuck the girl, you have to be on top for this to work right, so she doesnt see the snake, when it gets intense, you piss in her vagina, then let the snake go, creating a musty smell and the random appearance of a snake.
last week i gave nates mom a musty snake, she didnt see it coming.
by crustynraunchy December 06, 2007
a trick to get a girl cummed on when she doesnt even know it

first you make a milkshake, then you jizz all over in it, and then mix it in, give her the milkshake and after she gulps it down call her a semon swallower, she will be confused, then you thouroughly explain how you made the shake and cummed into it, she will get mad of course, thats when you dump her and kick her outta the house.
hah..i got rid of the hoe by givin her a cream cup
by crustynraunchy December 06, 2007
a christian person who overreacts to everythign surrounding them, is not willing to except the fact that the world is full of pain, war, crime and disasters everyday, unlike normal christians, they think they dont make mistakes and tattle on everyone
i am christian, but i am not an ankoviak.
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
an evil little teddy bear who hides in christmas trees, and christmas night breaks all the presents, pisses on the floor, and commits suicide for a good laugh of his peers, one tree can consist of 5 to 6 coo bears, i suggest you clean your tree out because they are little fuckers
hey man, you better clean your tree, those damn coo bears got my cousins last week.
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
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