a city in michigan a.k.a. saginaw
where you stay if your'e from saginaw
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
city of Saginaw Michigan
im from Sagnasty. Welcome 2 tha Ghetto.
by Mariano November 04, 2005
The city of Saginaw, Michigan.
Person A: Ay bro.....where you from

Person B: Sagnasty cuz........what?!?

Person A: Oh nothin man, I was just askin.....Saginaw is crazy as hell
by Black Emperor June 23, 2006
Slang for Saginaw, Michigan
Hey, I know that dude! He from Sag-Nasty!
by BigMacMan June 01, 2005
Sag-Nasty is the nickname for the post-industrial, mid-Michigan rust-bucket town of Saginaw.

It is also an apt description of the breasts of a female rapper named Khia.
Why doesn't Khia wear a bra? Surely she knows that her boobs Sag-Nasty.
by Hoopskidoodle August 04, 2009

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