17 definitions by crustynraunchy

a gangster in saginaw, or sagnasty (see sagnasty). i have heard rumors about him, no one knows who he really is.
butters the gangster must have shot these people up...
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
a way cool pill that is easy to access, its not stupid, its helpful, especially to those prescribed, now mixing it with hard alchohol can get pretty ugly, itll fuck ya up, i havent tried that before.
ben told me about vicoden, now i wanna try it.
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
first, you cook up some delicious thanksgiving food, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and hell why not some wine.

then u get in bed with your bitch and stuff mashed potatoes and gravy in her pussy, along with turkey, and wash it down with wine, then you fuck her uncontrollably until the food is in a gooey substance form, then you casually walk out to the table and make her eat it
instead of sitting with the family, me and my bitch had a thanksgiving pussy.
by crustynraunchy December 06, 2007

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