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32 definitions by cracker

A term used by whites to describe black children.
Get them nigglets out of my yard.
by cracker February 26, 2004
566 153
Something that makes you do stupid things and then pay for it for the rest of your life.
by Cracker August 27, 2003
198 56
spanish for wank
hacerse una paja
have a wank
by cracker March 25, 2004
179 44
when your on a roll with a girl and then when you ask her for fone number or a date, she says no, thus SHOOTING YOU DOWN
José: "so anyhooo, hows about we get together sometime, maybe catch a flick or go for a drink?"
Maria: "ah, neeeoooo. i'm, ahem, busy"
José: "oh, shot down, SHOT DOWN!"
by cracker March 25, 2004
120 28
spanish for money
dónde esta mi dinero, ese? - where is my money, nigga?
by cracker March 19, 2004
137 48
Spanish for witch
que te jodan, bruja
fuck yourself, bitch
by cracker March 24, 2004
93 11
spanish for wanker/asshole
no seas gilipollas
dont be a wanker
by cracker March 25, 2004
109 38