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-----usually consisting of more than 2 layers of "make-up items" such as:

cover-up, face cream, blush, foundation, random goo and powders, and applying them to the face, to appear sexy or perfect.

-----forwardly put: a pound of make-up on the face.

----meaning someone who uses way too much goddamn make-up

----non-real, fake "look" to a person.

-----like a nice painting, but with so much paint on one canvass, it simply globbs together.

****however, do not confuse with "pastey face". it's completley different.
damn, look at that paste-a-face! I bet half her skinny-ass weight is due to her face covered in all that shit!

(guy goes to kiss girl on face)
"awww gross!" "what the hell?! your such a paste-a-face! I can taste nothing but chemicals...."

you have such a paste-a-face, your begining to look moreorange tan, than naturally tan.
#globbs #pound #fugly #pathetic #wrong
by cr4zyd3z March 30, 2011
another word for "door," originating from the cartoon "wayside."
omg! i totally just slammed that goozak in yer face!

neither drunk, nor sober; you can never win a fight with a goozak.

if i dont close and lock my goozak, burglars could get in.
#door #wood #goo #yak #clever
by cr4zyd3z March 29, 2011
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