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spells no better than this dumb ass. too fucking stoopid to realize kim jong il has enough conventional weapons hidden in caves and hardened bunkers less than 250nm from downtown seoul korea to wipe entire city off the face of the earth long before cheney can pull the dick out of his ass. also rails against north korea, a pathetic, backward, autocratic dictatorship who, while actually having a few weapons that might actually work has no fucking way on earth to deliver said nuclear(nuklur to you gop'ers) bombs to anywhere outside of the labs where they are assembled unless calling 1 800 UPS. uses regimes such as these to hide the fact his minions are stealing your kids future, sending your jobs overseas, taking away every civil right granted by the framers and attacking a soverign country that had a pompous dirtbag dictator yet is no worse than 10 or 20 others WE SUPPORT letting iran, the REAL sponser of state terrorism and direct supporter of al-queda (along with the scum in the house of sau'd-saudi arabia-that there earl pump to you gop'ers) while greasing every skid he can so his corporate board member clown friends (cheney-halliburton, powell-gulfstream, rumsfeld-mcd/douglas, rice-chevron, feith, hadley, carlucci, arther levitt, kennard, dick darman et al Carlyle Group/TRW/BDM Intl) can steal every drop of oil and sell it mafia markups, develop oil and gas fields once unreachable in the various *stans which once controlled by the former soviet union before their breakup. and this is just the tip of the filthy trough......
but is loved by gutless,pussy,lazy,fat(and mostly male sad to say) americans who shit themselves when those fucking religious fanatics flew the planes on 9/11, and are spineless yellow cowards down deep, instead of wanting to kick THEIR saudi arabian asses, let technology and poor jobless rednecks go to the WRONG country and kick the wrong persons ass.
but stoopid people are easy to decieve.......
if George W. Bush and all his slimy cronies were not unrepentant sociopaths and could pull their greedy oily heads out of their asses long enough to see all the grief, sadness and unneeded pain he is causing all of the world save his crooked corporate board cronies, maybe he might actually act like the christian he professes to be instead of hiding his cowardly ass behind a bible like all of his lucky pierre 800 club bible beating asshole religious nut case friends and do some actual good in the world....
by cosmokid January 02, 2006
a lesbian with bohemian style; buzz cutt to long locks but always at least slightly feminine, skull or floppy kap/hat, few tats, minimal visible piercings, peasant or flowing dresses, birkenstocks (hopefully without the socks), hemp or other handmade jewelery, janice glasses. always wear undergarments; no commando's here. unfortunately, can forget shaving is so de riguer. no one likes fuzzy pits or furry dugouts. urban; uses public transpo or fully approved lez-mobile like suburu or saturn. has laid-back somewhat conservative approach to life. never a bull dyke, mostly pure johnna or lipsticker. some are attractive to straight guys and many are bi-sexual when not in company of overbearing or controlling sista's. always 4:20-friendly.
early stevie nicks is lipstick v1.1, late janis, anytime joni mitchell or edie brickell; annie d' is modern example of a lezbohemian.
lez b/h-1: lets take the 'ru to a b-n-b in the hills saturday and watch the dolphins migrate.
lez b/h-2; dreamy...
dude1 to lez2(lipstick): yo freakin' smoke, mon ami.
dude2: u cant knock that, she's a fuzzy monkey.
lez b/h-1; hands off my 'ru-girl, slack boy! we're tightened up. but u r kinda cute....
by cosmokid November 07, 2007
A cell phone that isnt a candy bar or flip type, to name two of the most cell popular styles; usually refers to a Blackberry or similarly shaped device like some of the newer PDA's.
Dude#1: Yo, is that your handcake vibe-in'? Its so slim, I didnt you was packin'.My flip is slim, but the battery fades fast and I miss out on sum lovin sumtimes....
Dude#2: Si, mi compadre. Mi holla-back is en fuego for da hot-n-sweaty. I dont need to carry multiple devices wit dis one. I can talk, text, surf and email, so my girls can get ahold of me any way that want.
Hottie#1: Say, is that a handcake in your pocket? Lets bump hips and I'll text us both for sum vibe pleasures.

Me: I was the one who started lesbohemian and some asshole stole it and put his name on it. Blow me, copycat prick.
by cosmokid December 30, 2007
a touch and go is NOT a military term for a bad carrier landing as others maintain. there is not a standard term for that as many things can cause it.
the two most common problems that cause a pilot to be "waved off" or "go around" are landing long and missing all 3 catch (trip) wires OR not lining up the aircraft up on the carrier decks' center-line, risking a streering/braking contolled-flight-into-terrain (cfit) type accident.
by the time you are allowed to play with a $20 million dollar piece of the tax-payers money, you should be past doing a "dolphin" which is when you allow the aircraft to regain sufficient airflow over the wings that is does not stall properly and land. this is usually caused by not holding back on the stick or yoke resulting something akin to dolphins jumping out of the water in a repeated fashion. it can also result from an overreaction to an excessively hard landing. some mistake this for a touch and go. the trained observer can spot the difference in a minute by the control (or lack of thereof) of the aircraft in question.
a real touch-and-go is a term used to describe the practicing of repeated take offs and landings; hence, TOUCH down or GO around which is the most physically and coordinationally challenging thing a pilot can do. the flying between points is almost boring after awhile. its mostly procedural if you keep an eye outside the aircraft, one on the weather and one on your basic mechanicals.
on touchdowns, you basically are configuring the aircraft to produce a controlled stall. steering is done using your feet while holding the yoke close to you preventing the aircraft from regaining lift. once touching down you seek to maintain operational control of the aircraft and exit the active runway quickly so the next guy can land his aircraft safely.
on taking off, you basically have to retain the operational control of the aircraft on the ground and cause it to reach a sufficient velocity for flight (rotation) and once you are airborne, exit the pattern as quickly and safely as possible. sometimes this includes reconfiguring he aircraft, bringing up a landing gear for example.
on a go-around, you are practicing an emergency manuever that is basically an aborted landing. there are many reasons this might be required. the trick here is to quickly reconfigure the aircraft from a landing to take-off configuration, while maintaining lift and retaining as much of the (kinetic)energy of the aircraft as possible. you want to transition the aircraft from one trying to lose lift to one trying to regain lift as smoothly and quickly as possible. this helps to keep you from dolphining or crashing among other things.
the most common mistake made on a go-around is not bringing the flaps up slowly enough or failing to apply full power soon enough to keep your ass out of a bad situation. once this practice becomes routine, you will become an immensely better and safer pilot.
when i dont feel current, the first thing i do is practice my touch-and-gos, especially at night or in the daytime in marginal weather above minimums at a GA airport i'm familiar with to help me keep a comfort level doing basically an unnatural thing, ie flying.
flying is a great career and the type of person who reads this site might have what it takes to do this, whether as a military aviator or civilian. its a great adventure, seriously.....

also used in the news media to express tentativeness of continued living of a newsworthy person due to accident illness or trauma, as just happened to bob woodward, the abc newsperson in iraq and his cameraman. used in bad tv med or crime dramas too. always spoken melodramatically...
dude 1: yo, that guy just did a touch and go....
dude 2: no dude, i think he did a dolphin....
pilot 1: no fellas he didnt, he was just forced to go around because the guy ahead of him didnt exit the active soon enough and the rookie controller failed to maintain the the minimum seperations.
pilot 2: i'll bet his heart is doing a touch and go right about now.....
by cosmokid February 07, 2006

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