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BDM "big dick millionaire" is the elite of the Tom and Dan followers. A little tip touching may be needed.
Are you a scumbag? No sir BDM for life. Suckin fat titties.
by BDM SFT TandD April 20, 2015
the Big Damn Movie - refers to Joss Whedon's Serenity, released September 30, 2005 in the US. A continuation of Joss's cancelled show Firefly, it has a relatively small but intensely fanatic fanbase of Browncoats.

The term 'Big Damn Movie' is derived from a line in the fifth episode of Firefly, 'Safe'.

Mal: Well, look at this! Appears we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
Zoë: Big damn heroes, sir.
Mal: Ain't we just?
"We all hoped the BDM would do better at the box-office, but...we're still flying."
by Sinatra November 09, 2005
bdm = big dick mother fucker
girl: damn nigga use a b.d.m. fo real
dude: fo sho!!
by Michael156818643 December 03, 2006
An 'umberella' term in which many fetishes and sexual fancies come into play. Every type of sex besides 'vanilla' CAN be called bdms but it usually involves types of bondage and role playing i.e. master and slave
Do you live the bdms lifestyle???

How are you enjoying bdms??
by Bdms enthusiast January 01, 2012
"Big Dick Mouth" or "Black Dick Mouth". Term for a girl that has a really (physically) big mouth; big enough that she can throat a monster cock in it.
I was on today and i noticed that the chick Maiara Walsh has BDM. She Can gargle my jizzternine any day.
by Gnezz10 May 15, 2010
A "BDM" is a slang term for a lesbian. "BDM" or "Big Dyke Mule" is used by the grandmother in the hilarious comedy "The Wedding Crashers".
Oh that Elenor Rooselvelt was just a carpet muncher. A big ugly dyke. A big, dyke mule! "BDM"
by twrigh3 September 23, 2010
Term used in the song Sweet Black Dada Nihilismus (BDM) by The New York Art Quartet BDM is a poem performed by the quartet.

Black Dada Nihilism refers to an art movement in the 1920s that revolved around the ideas of nihilism and dada. Many artists tried and remove any meaning to art and soon became the anti-art.
Fountain by Marcel Duchamp is a good example of BDM and the Dada movement
by DUYRN May 11, 2009
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