Top Definition
- to take from another person
- to be asked to hand a material item of value over to another person
- to be mugged
hey yo, sponser me your fone honky
by dash November 14, 2003
A word typically used by the inbred and/or ignorant. This is a variation of the word "sponsor" in which the sponsor mistreats the sponsored in a manner that leads to the sponsor crying like a girl. This sort of behavior tends to bring out the true feminine nature of said sponsor in which he/she manipulates the sponsored and ultimately handles the problem (in which said sponsor created) like a female on the rag.
Good: "Yeah dude Vortex is my sponsor and they hook me up with sick deals on sprockets and rearsets!! I love those guys!!"

Bad: "Uhh.. yeah.. my SPONSER just voided my contract and called the cops on me because he had a dildo stuck up his ass."
#motorcycle #sponser #sponsor #wera #racing #cycle #nation #cycle nation
by jamjeezyweezy January 19, 2010
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