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Similar to the Donkey Punch, except during climax, instead of punching the girl as hard as you can, you slam a barrel over her head.
So I was hittin' this chick up right,
and she was all into the freaky stuff right,
so I was all like "Yo, baby, let's do the donkey punch!"
But she was like "Hey, let's do something freaky--the donkey kong punch!"
Yeah. It was nice.
by Cosmixmaster June 04, 2003
Something that is incredibly badass
Did you hear what happened to the guy who messed with Ditka? Ditka dropkicked his forehead with his penis.
by Cosmixmaster January 03, 2003
To engage in oral sex immediately after anal sex.
Yeah, I was giving this girl an Alabama Crab Apple when she sucked the stink off my pud.
by Cosmixmaster June 04, 2003
The greatest running back ever for the greatest sport ever, Football.
If the Lions still had Barry Sanders, they would have won the Super Bowl.
by Cosmixmaster June 09, 2003
The greatest insult ever
Guy A: You suck.
Guy B: You're a stupid fucker.
Guy A: You're a dumb cocksucker.
Guy B: You're a poop sucker.
Guy A: Your mom eats shit.
Guy B: You're a funky badonkadonk monkey.
Guy A: ...dammit.
by Cosmixmaster June 04, 2003
An Asian dude with a fro who likes the ladies who have a badonkadonk

Oh, and he invented the masturbation-fueled car.
Mysst likes fat asses on his ladies. Word.
by Cosmixmaster June 09, 2003
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