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A declaration used after someone makes an overly stupid or moronic comeback.

Opposite of a zing.
Comeback: "Oh, yeah, well, your MOM!"

Reply: "Oh, gniz..."
by Fork Ewe September 17, 2003
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The direct firing of an equally vicious insult within seconds after a zing. Thus cancelling the Zing creating a Gniz.
Clint: Dude, you lost your license!!! (Zing)

Ian: Well,that just means you have to drive me to the store to buy beer for you!!! (Gniz)
by faulkyoutoo March 07, 2005
5 14
To attempt to zing someone and fail horribly.
Shut the hell up, genital goblin!

Dude, I had sex with your dog.

...Nice Gniz, dumbass.
by Cosmixmaster June 09, 2003
5 15