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Accidentally exhaling through a lit marijuana bowl, usually due to excessive inhalation or inexperience, resulting in the expulsion of marijuana from the bowl.
"Jeffrey, having gotten clean for his drug test, was out of practice. He blowgoated on his first hit, scattering weed all over the yard."
by Corey December 10, 2003
The best site on the web
I love enefsedy.com
by Corey October 20, 2003
the god damn tree in harry potter that tends to eat anything that comes within a 2 mile radius of it.
Look a car! I think I'll eat it!
by Corey April 24, 2005
1.your ass-hair
2. a name to call someone who sucks
1.your mullhang is shaggy and needs a trimming
2. youre a mullhang
by Corey January 28, 2005
a nasty and dirty hooker
That schnobber i screwed last night gave me crabs.
by Corey December 12, 2003
A vagina existing of many other vaginas. Known to be the eighth wonder of the world.
My girlfriend's polygina is almost impossible to pleasure.
by Corey July 11, 2003
He's my best friend, not only that my brother and he is a great basketball dominator.
Man I bet my brither Chiedu could woop your ass any day any time at your court with your ball.
by corey March 31, 2005

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