63 definitions by corey

Person with ginger hair
Look at corey he has fanta pants
by Corey February 26, 2004
Best website on the world AIMfreak.com
lets go to aimfreak.com to get progs!!
by Corey December 27, 2003
Sweaty lips. Labia with little or no ventilation will result in slips.
Judging by her wet crotch, I'd say she has slips.
by Corey March 24, 2003
The piece of skin between a girls vagina and anus.
by Corey April 22, 2003
An online diary/ and or journal. Can be private so it's only viewed by you, friends only so that only a few selected people can read it, or public so anyone who comes across it can read it. A very helpful way to get out emotion and stress and receive loving support - it doesn't matter if you don't know the person. There's always someone who knows exactly what you're going through. A place to make great online friends.
by Corey January 11, 2005
Loose term for good ol' natural vag lube. Also reffered to as pussy grease or snail track.
She came and got spat all over my face.
by Corey May 20, 2004
it takes whatever amount or area it succedes and narrows it down to exactly what you are thinking, but are otherwise incapable. *


used to round in funny ways.

*note, it only is really usable around friends or people who understand what you mean by it.
in the Cary ish area.

9 o'clock ish... (when its like 9:02)

Not really... ish.
by Corey September 09, 2004

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