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a female with a first name of Amy, 5'2 with *emo glasses, pasty white, ass crack is longer than the usual, pushed up nose and has a gabrielle as another half.
Amy Gwoz of NJ, USA.
by Corey August 11, 2004
the last name of ,only, the hottest girl alive...kayla
nice ass, big boobs, tight curves! total hotness...
by Corey June 19, 2004
Japanese slang word for comedy.
You are tiso, you make me laugh.
by Corey July 11, 2004
A fast, cheap, muscle car. Easily capable of beating your stupid Skyline.
My Roush Stage 3 Mustang is beating the hell outta your Skyline
by Corey December 07, 2003
when someone pees on your ball sack
joey has been given a golden satchel by carol the lunch lady
by corey July 18, 2004
A forum for lancer owners filled with off topic post whores and useless threads. also know as SoCal Lancer Club.
pete you are such a whore on sclc.
by corey April 07, 2005
An insult, used in name-calling activities, or when shit is given. Inspired by the gelatinous goo created during sexual intercourse.
Fuck you, fuckpaste.
by Corey April 22, 2004

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