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A French Electronica duo from Antibes, France
"Teen Angst" is a hit from M83's album "Before The Dawn Heals Us"

The song "Teen Angst" is played throughout the commercial/preview of "A Scanner Darkly"
by Shashie July 18, 2006
A rare strain of Marijuana noticeable by it's Orange hairs and sweet, honey-like fragrance. This blend is known for being incredibly dense and covered in crystals (especially noticeable when ground). Known for it's old-school, extremely relaxing high, it is quite pleasurable.
Jimmy: "Yo man, you down to chill? I just picked up some Sour Diesel."

Josh: "Don't get me wrong bro, Sour Diesel is fuckin' bomb, but I got some M-83 back at my place."

Jimmy: "Fuck the Diesel, that shit is dank.
by El Tanque August 16, 2008

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