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The recounting of long tales, stories, or jokes while holding a lit bowl of marijuana, to the exasperation of those assembled.
"He wasted half the bowl politicking!"
by Corey December 10, 2003
A great TXDM band
by corey August 06, 2003
A phrase often mutterd by stupid people after telling them to move, shut up, or any other command.
Me:Hey, can you please quiet down, im trying to watch the movie.

Stupid person:Make me!
by Corey December 20, 2003
your happy
by corey July 17, 2003
Some one who thinks they are the greatest.
He thinks hes all that!
by Corey December 20, 2003
to enter ones penis in to a pumpkin
I put the pumkin in the microwave so when I douche wagoned it it was warm in sticky just like a real goat.
by corey December 21, 2003
Refers to the completion of the smoking of a quantity of marijuana, by bowl or blunt. Appropriate when all marijuana in the device has been consumed, leaving ash.
Past tense of "cash", and more commonly used.
"This bowl is cashed"

"He received a nasty surprise when he took a hit from the bowl which had just been cashed."
by Corey December 10, 2003

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