the way the crips spell "blue"
by me June 10, 2004
1337-speak for Glue. Correct 1337-speak for glue, however, is 61u3.
Fuck the 6lue.
by Steaver370 May 28, 2004
6lue a computer waii of saiiyin "glue"
i use 6lue to ummmmmmmmmmmm paste stuff?
by mWuaHhZzx33 June 10, 2004
glue with an upside down 9 instead of a G, because it sorta looks like one. The "upside down 9" charachter can be found on a Russian keyboard, because Russians are backwards... and upside down.
I stick things together with 6lue
by gook June 01, 2004
It's the word "glue" with an upside down "g".
I'm hella retarded so I spelled glue with an upside down g. Like this: "6lue"
by Jon June 09, 2004
1. Six clones of LUE. Also, six LUEsers, or six references to LUE within a given context.

2. Broken 1337-speech for "blue". Hideous grammar and misuse of 1337-speech in this context indicates that the speaker is most likely a script kiddie.
1. Look! 6lue! Banninate them!

2. Liek, I w4s f33ling 6lue 2-day :(
by Meep-Man May 28, 2004
Glue, spelled in 1337.
My brother super 6lued my ass to the toilet seat. AHHHHH!!
by Fishheads June 06, 2004

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