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For most niggers (and there is a difference in black people and niggers, to me), racism only goes one way. You see the hard working black families that have established a name for themselves and can spell and speak proper English, not ebonics, that deserve every good thing they have. Then you have the niggers that would rather steal then work and say that racism only goes one way, but when they do it to a white person, it is black supremacy. Whatever. When you get a job and can pronounce biRTHday, not burfday, come talk to me!!!
Me and my niggers is going to rob that guy at the gas station because we are too lazy to get a job!!!
by Cooter April 22, 2005
the act of lowering one's balls onto someones face, or into their mouth while they are laying down. Kind of resembles dipping a tea bag into a hot cup of water.
Pohlman's dad was wrestling with Devon and accidentally tea bagged her.
by Cooter May 23, 2005
the collection of images, thoughts, dreams, and desires one conjures to heighten arousal in order to achieve climax; In regards to Self Gratification/Masturbation
I went home last night and pulled one from the spank bank to get off
by cooter March 07, 2003
a woman's vagina that shows through her pants because they are on so tight. Also known as "packing yo yo's" and "moose knuckles"
Damn Liz, those size three jeans are really poking your camel toe. . .
Ma'am, could you please come back inside the store - we have reason to believe that you are packing yoyo's. .
I came to the Memphis zoo to see some wildlife, but all I saw was some ghetto moose knuckles!!!
by Cooter May 23, 2005
a way to desribe a ghetto person's hair
Damn, that bur-head looks like she is too lazy to even steal some relaxer!!!
by Cooter April 22, 2005
The worlds most boring town, where there is nothing but football and wrestling.
Varsity Blues
by Cooter August 25, 2003
1. a vagina
2. a type of fish
3. a character on Dukes of Hazzard
4. a drunken redneck
* Cooter and Slapjacks are best friends.
* Not so hard, my cooter can't handle your loving - here, mess with my slapjacks a little!!!
* Your cooter smells like a dirty cheesy spud!!!
by Cooter April 20, 2005

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