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12 definitions by cloudy

Kirby has been called to arms.
Q("Q) wut u say boi?
by Cloudy February 15, 2004
72 28
God, enuff said. AKA BA
Hey man, what you listening to?
BA ofcourse, only the best.
by Cloudy April 01, 2004
71 51
the mixture of dick and cock, which is indeed the same yet the two combined is twice as insulting as one alone.
fucking dickcock!
by Cloudy March 30, 2004
31 16
a.)"Laughing out loud," catastrophically and with an underlying disrespect for the Jewish faith.
b.)Definition a, minus the anti-semitic outlook.
Cloudy: My parents were killed in a hahalolocaust.
Weinstein: You bastard.
by Cloudy February 16, 2004
43 34
used in reference to how much space in gigs some memory storing device contains
"How much gigage does an iPod Nano have?"

"Gigage wise, how big is that?"
by cloudy May 20, 2006
4 0
Variation of "woah."
Used to show surprise to the max.
Can also be used in more extreme variations.
WHOAHWAHOWH!! I think ur copmuters borked.
by Cloudy February 15, 2004
0 0
Yet another derivitive of "lol."
See also lawl.
laols ensue
by Cloudy February 15, 2004
12 14