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Getting slapped in the face by a large cock and then getting teabagged repeatedly.
Uggh! Jim's being such a douche! I'm gonna Weinstein him!
by JWAT March 17, 2006
Noun: Person who believes when a company presents itself as "family friendly" and claims to promote "work-life balance," only to find employees are treated like galley slaves.
Hey, did you see the new guy Joe? The Weinstein thinks he's going home. When do you think he will realize he is shackled to the desk?
by Just Another Weinstein May 07, 2008
A girl who is a slut/whore who will hook up with multiple guys in one night and in the span of 15 minutes
YOOOOOO look at that slut over there, whattaa weinstein
OMG that girl Lexi over there just pulled a weinstein
by jermain123456789 May 22, 2011
when a rocker farts in the face of one who does not rock...
Man, that guy hates zeppelin, im gonna give him a weinstein
by Matthew Edelman Tolchin March 17, 2004