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18 definitions by cletus

Slang for a girl who recently lost her virginity.
Jack: Holly used to seem so innocent and pure.
Himmler: She's nothing but a stained glass window now.
by Cletus September 14, 2003
one that despises corruptus governmenticus; proud member of iexbeta
Anarchial Soul got in trouble for his burning-flag avatar.
by Cletus May 17, 2003
Store that is filled with poseurs but its also decent...NOFX,and many other bands that arent found in an abundance of stores are here.also their merch,but as we all know its not bout the msuic anymore is it??
wow look its hot topic im gonna buy a shirt for my favorite band...Jeeze i look cool(thats me doing that)dunno...
by cletus September 27, 2003
The sweet loving and caring poop shoot of all people, animals, and things to grace this green earth
Yo man you shut yo toof before i kick you in yo tooter!
by Cletus February 27, 2003
The threat or action of doing bodily harm to someone, usually with bare hands.
Dude, you'd best get outta my grill before I go tactical on 'yo ass.
by Cletus January 13, 2004
A boog on boog crime where white society is the winners you hear.
That was the best driveby ever. Only 3 boogs still alive. Let's lynch them
by Cletus February 27, 2003
a complete loser... one who had no friends..someone who is used for there resources..
u are a tool...
by cletus April 11, 2003