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to dress without underpants / knickers, but be otherwise normally attired
"i'm afraid I can't lower my trousers your honour, as I have gone commando today"
by disco stu May 14, 2003
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not wearing undergarments
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
a guy deliberately not wearing underwear
"Nobody seemed to pay much attention when I dropped my pants until I decided to go command."
by Roger March 06, 2003
to go without wearing any underwear under ones out clothes (distinguished by is being applicable to both genders as opposed to freeball which is used exclusively for males)
I do not think I could go commando on a regular basis. I could not get used to it.
by The Return of Light Joker October 20, 2008
going without the undergarment that protects your pointed object-- breasts for females, penis for males.
I have gone commando today. I am not wearing a bra.
by Wael Salloum December 08, 2003

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