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A psychological illness that usually affects poor people found in Hawaii and other islands.

Island Fever is the realization that you are stuck on which ever island you are living and not going anywhere.

Sure, you can take a plane to Asia, United States and Europe if you have the money to pay for it. Most beach bums do not have it so they are stuck on Oahu.

Sure you can take a plane to Maui, Lanai, etc... But getting the money (around $100 RT) is also a problem too. Besides, don't forget SSDI... Same Sh*t, Different Island.
People who live on mainlands have trouble understanding Island Fever because they can hop on a cheap bus or train and travel to many different countries. While people in Oahu are stuck on a rock the size of Chicago.
by cityguychicago September 10, 2009
When a relatively new facebook/myspace user adds a bunch of strangers as "friends" to their social networking account.
I didn't have many "friends" so I went on a Friending Spree...
by cityguychicago March 23, 2009
(Sorry ladies, but I had to post this...)

The Brigade is a secret held only by women and the actual male members of the Big Penis Brigade. The Brigade was founded to provide women with sexual satisfaction. The Brigade can only be found at "women only" parties.

When women get together for Girls Night, Hen Night and bachelorette parties, you can guarantee that the "Big Penis Brigade" will be in attendance undeterred by the "No Men Allowed" rules. In fact, the Brigade is often invited by the ladies in the party.

The men who are members of the Brigade are known for their good looks, sexual stamina and of course, their extremely large penises.

While attending these "Women Only" parties, the Brigade has sex with every woman at the party. Yes even the ugly ones... Every woman has sex at least 2x and usually with a different member of the Brigade. Some of the women has sex with every member, but this is very rare occurrence because of most women cannot handle the sheer amount of sex that the Brigade can provide.

So when your wife/girlfriend returns home happy and refreshed from a "Women Only" party, you will know that she spent some quality time with the Big Penis Brigade.

(Sorry ladies, but I had to post this)
Jen: Hi Lisa, thanks for coming to my "Wine, Women and Whine" party.

Lisa: I'm glad to be here. So when is the Big Penis Brigade expected to arrive?

Jen: They should be here shortly. Here, have a drink. The drink should help you loosen up.

by cityguychicago March 31, 2009
When a female student from Northwestern University is considered "hot" only because most of her fellow students are ugly.

Outside of the campus/Evanston she would most likely be considered "average" to "below average"
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Tom's new girlfriend?

Guy 2: Yeah, I did

Guy 1: Is she hot?

Guy 2: Well, she's "Northwestern Hot"

Guy 1: Poor Tom
by cityguychicago March 29, 2009
When a party guest has nothing in common with you and makes attempts to find out what you are interested in. He may also bring up subjects that really have no interest to anyone. The guest's attempts are lame and superficial. He has no intentions to find out who you really are and does not want to be seen at the party by himself and talking to no one.
"So, what do you think of the cold weather today? Did you catch the big game? What do you do for a living? Did you hear about the towel sale at the mall?"

I had to ditch that guy at the party. He was making lame social conversation.
by cityguychicago January 28, 2009
A saying to remind someone to NOT get taken advantage of
Man 1: I'm off to the strip club, maybe we will catch up later...

Man 2: Okay dude, dont get got
by cityguychicago August 14, 2009
To get the hell out of a given situation
Our exes walked into the restaurant so my friend and I had to de ass ourselves outta there!

The cops crashed the party so I de assed myself to a safer place.

Some guy brought a bomb to the bar so we had to de ass the area.

I am way to drunk so am gonna de ass myself home...

I am tired of the city so I am gonna de ass myself somewhere else
by cityguychicago August 12, 2009

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