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Nonsense; To make no sense; Bullshit.

"That shit is true fuckery!" - Loron Thomas
by Kilo April 03, 2003
n. derivative of the word fuck

Absolute bullshit; utter nonsense; something rather suspicious that can bring forth uneasy, angry, or irritated feelings. The stunt pulled by people who don't know how to tell the truth or enjoy messing with people's heads as a hobby.
You can only get away with that kind of fuckery for so long before it turns around and bites you in the ass.

What's up with this fuckery? I don't deserve to be messed with!

Amy Winehouse - Me and Mr. Jones (partial lyrics)
Nobody stands in between me and my man, it's me
And Mr Jones (Me and Mr Jones)

What kind of fuckery is this?
You made me miss the Slick Rick gig (oh Slick Rick)
You thought I didn't love you when I did (when I did)
Can't believe you played me out like that (Ahhh)

What kind of fuckery are we?
Nowadays you don't mean dick to me (dick to me)
I might let you make it up to me (make it up)
Who's playing Saturday?

What kind of fuckery are you?
Side from Sammy you're my best black Jew
But I could swear that we were through (we were through)
I still want to wonder 'bout the things you do
#fuckery #amy winehouse #bullshit #fuck #nonsense #suspicious #uneasy #angry #irritated #irritate #irritating #messing #messed up
by Sammielynn March 24, 2007
Deception, deceptive behavior
What fuckery is this?

She's not telling the truth. I sense fuckery.
#fuck #fuckery #deception #behavior #lies
by The Observationist May 17, 2011
noun-jamaican origin
any negative or pointless action(s) that is engaged in by one or more persons
this is some reeeeeal fuckery

is pure fuckery the man them going on with...
#bullshit #foolishness #fuck #fucker #eeediat
by csaintmaria July 06, 2011
1. sex
2. general shenanigans
Fred and Nastasya were having fuckery all night.

We got into all sorts of fuckery yesterday.
#sex #shenanigans #boning #fuck #crazy
by Frank Schitz September 04, 2010
Anything fucked up or bullshit
It rained today and my top was down. What fuckery is this?
#fucked up #bullshit #stupid #fuckary #fuckry
by Erin Adams November 03, 2011
Its a versatile word used in many sitautions where theres someone (or something) whom is acting idiotically.

The word was created by a man named Kingsley Russell but wouldnt have the status as it does if Sandy&Betty hadnt made it so popular especially in Europe.

(Do have the effect which is wished for preferably use CAPSLOCK when writing this amazing word)
When your teacher yells at you for no reason , That is FUCKERY

Science is a subject made out of FUCKERY

Woodshop is also a subject of FUCKERY
#fuckery #idiot #jerk #stupid #dumb
by Fuckery March 31, 2011
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