47 definitions by christophorus

when a person can be declared the biggest pussy of them all..a vagasaurus
wow you could have got her number you vagasaurus
by christophorus August 20, 2010
the act of being such a wussy your considered to be a pussy therefor a wusspuss
stop being such a wimp you wusspuss
by christophorus August 09, 2010
when a person simply cannot think, when your brain is stuck, like a brain fart but 2 times worse
mom i failed the test because im brainstipated
by christophorus August 25, 2010
the inner animal that lies within ones self as seen on rob dyrdeks fantasy factory
marc your doing terrible..use your poweranimal!
by christophorus August 15, 2010
similar to a power animal from rob dyrdeks fantasy factory but instead of an animal its is a dinosaur lying deep within ones self only comes out on full moons
did you see marc his powersaur just came out!
by christophorus August 13, 2010
similar to what some people call a "sweet tooth", but instead of having a craving for something sweet, you have a craving for pussy
wooowww, i have had an extreme pussy tooth all week ! !
by christophorus September 03, 2010
someone who only texts certain people or ignors someone who texts them that they do not like
marc why are you being so textest
by christophorus August 25, 2010

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