47 definitions by christophorus

someone who only texts certain people or ignors someone who texts them that they do not like
marc why are you being so textest
by christophorus August 25, 2010
a girls that lies..basically 99% of women can be classified as this
damn man fuck that girl shes nothin but a wiar
by christophorus August 25, 2010
gettin high,drunk, and crazy then havin sex
damn man you gotta try hyphy love its crazy!!!
by christophorus August 25, 2010
having your name tattooed above or around a girls vagina, so you can literally claim it as yours and yours only
alex: wow that girls hot ima try to hook up with her

marc: na man that was chris' girl you legally cant do that

alex: what are you talking about?

marc: chris claimed vaginal ownage on her

alex: what?

marc: his name is tattooed above her vagina,meaning he owns it, if you touch her he will kill you

alex: damn...
by christophorus September 03, 2010
a person who is literally addicted to bitching, a person that connot stop bitching no matter how hard they try
would you shut up already damnit! your such a bitchoholic
by christophorus September 02, 2010
an absolute amazing level of swagger, to have extreme awesomeness, the quality of combining swagger and magnificent
wow after last night, i feel swaggificent
by christophorus September 02, 2010
another word for pectorial or chest muscle
marc..check out my chestceps..thier ripped
by christophorus September 02, 2010

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