47 definitions by christophorus

shitting in a floured tortilla, mixing it with beef and veggies, sticking it in the microwave, and serving it to a customer
A- remember that bitch customer that always comes in at lunch hour

B- yea what about her?

A- i totally gave her the crap wrap today

B- hahaha nice bro !
by christophorus August 04, 2011
another phrase to call a "peeping tom", or someone who is just generally a creep or creepy
so we were at the mall chillen n we saw captain creep hittin on all the young girls
by christophorus September 06, 2010
aka STANK-ASS-ODOR..a person or random smell that is unbearable and if smelt can cause fainting or comas
wtf is that S.A.O. i've been smellin it for weeks!!
by christophorus September 06, 2010
another term for speedo...the absolute gayest thing a man can ever wear..if your caught wearing one, you are a faggot and you should jump off a cliff
i cant believe my eyes, some guy is wearing a banana hammock...lets kill him
by christophorus August 22, 2010
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