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47 definitions by christophorus

taking viagra and using twitter (hot tub time machine)
wow i cant believe you actually tried twitagra marc...
by christophorus August 25, 2010
when one of your fellow bros is acting like a vagina or a pussy
wow bro your really actin like a pussy you brogina
by christophorus August 09, 2010
someone who is agianst faggots or to disaprove of homosexuality
i am proud to say i am an antigay
by christophorus August 22, 2010
drinking some type of liquid to refuel the body after getting some ass
"damn me n that girl fucked all night...i need some Assoline".
by christophorus June 16, 2010
some dank weed
wow we didnt just get any weed we got Deed bro
by christophorus August 22, 2010
Chinese girl with a booty
damn did you see that chinese girls ass....she got a Chinooty!
by christophorus August 22, 2010
black mafia
bet you didnt know my boy is in the bafia
by christophorus August 22, 2010